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17th April, 2006. 11:08 pm. disabled porn zine!(queersonwheels)

x-posted as much as possible. apologies.

Hey y'all!

Anyone interested in helping to make a zine of pornography featuring people with disablities? Something about the zine medium - photocopied photos that won't look that "high quality", the DIY subculture, the black market unpublished feel of it - PLUS pornography, which is already so shrouded in the guilt/shame/pleasure/sin matrix - PLUS the sexuality of people with disabilities, which is ALSO hella shrouded in shame/guilt/weird fucked up ideas of what's appropriate/attractive/okay/erotic - is making me very excited. I want to make a dirty little pamphlet full of hottt pictures of naked people getting off! I also want to include some words and stuff on the subject of disabilty and sex and porn - a friend is conveniently writing a paper on this subject right now, and I suspect that many others have a paper or a dirty story/email/drawing/something lying around, or at least a bunch of ideas on this topic... :)

So that's my idea. I'm rather excited about it. If you're interested and happen to have some time to collaborate, I would love to have any or all of several things from folks:
>> dirty pictures of you, with or without partners, toys, clothes,
etc, to include in this lovely homemade dirty magazine
>> writing on this subject (this subject = hella broad = whatever the
fuck u wana say) also to include in this lovely homemade dirty
magazine. erotica is cool, academic cudmunching is cool, personal
ranting is cool, I could give a fuck, lets combine all things!

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10th April, 2006. 10:08 pm.(pandora54725)

I recently joined an LJ community geared toward those who have survived a motor vehicle accident.  Unfortunately, there are still very few members and it needs a little new blood.  I realized I wasn't doing my part and so here I am.  I figured that even though  gimpsexfreaks  is a general forum for all sorts of people with all sorts of disabilities (and their friends, etc.), there might be a handful of interested folks here.  Take a peek at crash_aftermath if you're interested in learning more and/or joining.  I am not the moderator, just a member.  If you do not like the idea of this community, that is your perrogative - please to not lambast ME about it.  Thank you for stopping by ;-)  
Nothing more to see here.

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27th March, 2006. 11:51 pm. A message board for people with disabilities who want to hook up(rhduson765)

This group is for people with disabilities or disability friendly people who are looking to get together for dating, romance, intimate relationships or even just one light stands. This is NOT a "friendship" or a "buddies" or a "support" group. There are PLENTY of those groups on Yahoo, Google and other places on the web. This is a group for people who are looking for more than simple friendships or just someone to chat with. Please note that I am looking for moderators and other people who are willing to help bring others into this group. PS. Unlike Other disability dating groups. I am planning to make this group as active as possible, but I will need help to do that.

The address of the group is

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1st March, 2005. 2:34 pm.(meowgurlgv)

Does anyone else's hips pop out during sex? Just wondering

Current mood: curious.

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26th October, 2004. 1:55 pm. A post from the moderator(evilleah)

Hello everyone,
This is just a friendly reminder that the basic point of this community is to share experiences and questions and to respect each other. This means that advertising your .com business and the petty responses that are put up when the validity of the organization or business is questioned are not welcomed here. Solicitations in fact are not welcome in this community as they do not fulfill the purpose of the community, which is to share experiences and viewpoints not to make money. Consider this your warning next time offending post will be removed and user moderated by me personally.
Thank you,

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24th October, 2004. 6:34 pm. New organization for the disabled GLBTQ community!(queersonwheels)

Queers On Wheels
(626) 578-0140
To whom it may concern:
My name is Eva Sweeney and I want to inform you of a new organization that has been established. My organization Queers On Wheels serves the physically disabled GLBTQ community. Our mission is: The physically disabled GLBTQ population has existed for generations but has not formed a community. Because this community is a mesh of the GLBTQ and the disabled communities, people who are both often have to choose which one they will participate in, negating the importance of this combined identity. This narrow way of thinking does not value a person as a whole, but rather focuses on an aspect of their identity. Queers On Wheels recognizes that people have multiple identities and that those identities need to be valued and appreciated.
Queers On Wheels has just published a resource guide for disabled GLBTQ people. The first half of the book discusses how to hire GLBTQ-friendly aides, when to disclose your sexuality, and how to maintain healthy working relationships. The second half of the book discusses sex for people with disabilities. How to adapt sex toys such as vibrators, dildos and harnesses is difficult information to find. Also included in this discussion is how to talk to your partner(s) about your disability, and how to deal with assisted masturbation. Queers On Wheels decided to put all this information in one convenient book.
We also do workshops about these topics. We have done workshops at queer conferences, sex toys shops, and disabilities conferences. We can alter the information for any age ranges.
Queers On Wheels: the Essential Guide for the Physically Disabled GLBTQ Community has a retail price of $10. If you would like to order copies for your store or organization we offer a 50% discount to retailers. Please contact us with the number of copies that you would like and we can send you an invoice via mail or e-mail. Books purchased are returnable, but all orders must be pre-paid.
If you have any further questions regarding this book, Queers On Wheels, or to schedule a workshop feel free to contact us at (626) 578-0140, or at
Thanks very much,
Eva Sweeney, Author and Business Owner
Queers On Wheels

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14th October, 2004. 3:31 pm. Testing the waters(gotham23)

I'd like to know if devotees/admirers/acrotomophiliacs/gimp-gawkers/"whatever the hell you want to call it" are welcome here. My intention is not to find someone to "cyber" with or even go out with, just to discuss something about me that I don't fully understand myself. My last girlfriend was actually a wheelchair user and she knew I was a dev (that's how we met) but it's not something we talked about much. Frankly, I think I could learn a lot from all of you.

I would welcome hearing your own opinions and experiences. The one thing I ask is that you spare me any "you're a sicko get the bleep out of here" stuff. If you'd rather I not be here, I will respect that. So all I ask is that you respect me, too.

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3rd October, 2004. 11:43 am.(laurielou862)

Alright, I’ll post to try and keep this community alive, ‘cause I think it’s worth it…

Last weekend me and my boy went to San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, which is the crowning event of SF’s Leather Pride Week. Being SF there was a multitude of gay men, not to mention live gay porn…let me tell you, I have never seen so many hard cocks hanging out in one day in my life. When we first arrived we were a little taken aback by all the free swingin’ members, but after about half an hour it became quite normal to see men jacking each other off in the street (especially around that orgy cage where they were filming for a new video). I use a wheelchair, and as you can probably imagine it was interesting being at cock-level. “Watch your dick there, you almost poked my eye out!” etc.

It was the most massive gathering I’ve every been to, of any type; at least 200,000 people. It was an alternative event, so there were also many heterosexuals to be found as well as gay people. I have also never been around so many jacked-up men and not felt like a piece of meat.

There were live spanking demonstrations, flogging booths, boot blacking setups, and hundreds of vendors. My boy and I got dressed up in our BDSM gear, but we paled in comparison to some we saw there. Anything from people dressed as horses to the naked bike riders. I did my best to make the most of what cleavage I had, stuffing the bra with tissue when I wasn’t satisfied (thank you, boyfriend, for pointing out that my TP was about to fall out of my bra that one time). I donned my red patent leather collar, amplified my blue eyes as much as I could, glittered my breasts. The crowd was so thick that eventually my BF bought me a leash and attached it to my collar just so we could keep track of each other. Before our purchase we had to keep on our toes to stay together, but after he put the leash on me it was like this bubble formed around us - no one dared to get between a master and his sub, and besides, that would have been simple bad etiquette. I had never been lead around like that before, and it was highly erotic to be tugged away from the things I was looking at because he wanted to go on. I think it boggled some people’s minds a little as well. I especially liked it when he would use the leash to pull me towards him for a kiss, forcing my cleavage up and out at the same time.

One time he parked me on a street corner while he ran back to the coat check to get my car transfer board (it was much easier for him to cut through the crowd without me). Once he left me, the sharks started to come out. I got the requisite drunk guy who sees disabled people as the easy mark to corner and babble at. I got the naked old creepy guy who copped a feel under the pretense of a hug. I got this guy who was toting around an incredibly sexy old stand-up microphone; he took a picture of me with it for his photographic essay. As my boy appeared out of the crowd and walked towards me I held out my leash in a humorous, pleading way: “Take it, please! Save me!”

As you can probably imagine, our night back at the hotel was fantastic. I have recently gotten out of another relationship in which I was the top, and it has taken me a long while to feel anything close to submissive again. That night I realized how much I had missed it. He whipped my breasts with the new flogger we had brought, then I turned over and got it on the neck and shoulders. I discovered something…whenever he would hit me especially hard I would giggle uncontrollably. I realized that night that it’s the same kind of laughter I get when riding amusement park rides, or driving too fast, or even getting a tattoo. Giddy loss of control.

We will be going again next year, and next year I want to make myself look even more fantastic and outrageous - I want to be the person people stop on the street to get pictures of, instead the one taking the pictures.

Join us…the fair is held the last Sunday in September, always. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more accepting crowd.


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2nd October, 2004. 9:00 pm.(gesundyke)

Okay, so hi. :)

Let's see... what can I say, other than hi....

I'm 20, I'm submissive, I'm bisexual, pagan, and I've got cerebral palsy. I'm also a snuggler, I like the idea of being tied up, and I *love* collars and leashes. I really don't have anything else to say right now... but if you have questions, ask them! :)

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2nd October, 2004. 10:45 pm. Question(meowgurlgv)

What is sexy??? any thoughts?

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